About Us

Our Purpose

At First Contact Clinical our common purpose is to enable healthy change in the people and places it is needed most.

What we do

We provide education, training and community based services which support "healthy change" in people and professionals living and working in disadvantaged areas and communities. Which means that we provide people with the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to become active participants in their care. We put people at the centre of our thinking, and understand the wider determinants of their health. With our support, people and professionals are more able to work together to achieve sustainable change and reduce health inequalities.

How we do it

Our philosophy is that our culture and our leadership behaviours mirror the way in which we support the people we work with. Our desire is to make a real difference to our staff, supporting them to become more aware, more responsible and have a powerful sense of purpose in their work. If you, like us, believe that this approach leads to growth in performance, a growth in learning and a growth in job satisfaction then we want to hear from you.

The beliefs and values we share with you guide your behaviours along with our shared understanding of how we achieve our common purpose, which is that:

  • We recognise that our people are our biggest assets. We invest time in better health at work activities and actively encourage our staff to develop and share their wellness action plan. Our flexible working scheme supports you to attend the important appointments in life and get the job done.

  • We continue to develop our values-based recruitment processes to ensure we attract staff with the right mindset and attitude to support us to achieve our common purpose. We invest in training and continuous development, working collaboratively to develop our ‘ambition programme’ that supports us as individuals and as a team to continue to grow from ‘good to great’. Our ambition programme provides a blended set of learning opportunities that support self-directed, personal development in line with our competency framework.

  • We build strong relationships with our partners and embed within the neighbourhoods we support. Our offer is a key component of the personalised care agenda. Personalised care is everyone’s business, providing more options, better support and joined up care at the right time.

  • We offer a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, supporting people to stay well for longer, maximising their potential and that of their families and local communities to affect better health and wellbeing outcomes. We support people with choice and control over the way their care is delivered, based on ‘what matters’ to them and their individual strengths, needs and preferences.

  • We strive to make continuous improvement an everyday part of what we do and our staff are empowered to lead on our improvement agenda by adopting our easy-to-use Quality Improvement Framework. We believe that through the use of good quality, time-based, data and personal goal setting that aligns team, locality and organisational goals our performance will continue to improve.

  • We share a passion to enable healthy change, which means that you will see and experience behaviours that demonstrate our values lived out every day. Our values have remained the same since we began in 2008.

Our Values

We share a passion to enable healthy change, which means that you will see and experience behaviours that demonstrate our values lived out every day. Our values have remained the same since we began in 2008. We strive to deliver the highest quality service, outcomes and experience we can. It is in our DNA to enable people to improve their health and wellbeing.

Our Values

We mean what we say, and do it.

We never compromise on quality.

Our beliefs drive our actions

Strong individuals, stronger team.

We create new and innovative
solutions from problems.


Our Organisational Structure

Our organisation consists of a network of autonomous teams, our home teams. Working within the boundaries set by our operating framework (‘what’ we do) our teams decide for themselves ‘how’ they deliver their daily tasks.

Working in this way requires every team member to get more involved in the decisions being made. Teams meet regularly to assess their own performance, agree which improvement ideas to test that will increase the experiences and outcomes for our stakeholders and overcome challenges they face as individuals or as teams. Our teams use our self-managing team core skills to work effectively and efficiently together.

As well as support from team members, individuals and teams can pull on the our ‘support team’ whose role is to enable our people to show up and be at their best every day.

We appreciate this way of working is not for everyone. If you like to be told what to do and look to management roles to solve every challenges you may face then we are not the organisation for you.


Our roots were planted in the primary care management of addictions in 2003. As we grew we came to understand that our person centred bio-psycho-social approach, and the tools and techniques that supported it, were transferable to holistic health and wellbeing.

Our Way

Over the years we have developed an effective five step framework which gets results.

  • We ask questions to understand the communities we are working with
  • We use participatory research to open the doors seldom opened and get the answers seldom shared
  • We use an asset based approach to find out what already exists
  • We build bridges with communities which support sustainable change
  • We deliver training shaped by our real world experiences
  • We deliver training that is practical, relevant and sensitive to real world pressures
  • We deliver training based on the very latest evidence and best practice
  • We employ “experts by experience” to support our training
  • We provide services that use a bio-psycho-social model of care
  • We understand medical problems and the systems developed to manage them
  • We offer community based services so that people can get better where they got ill
  • We design our services in collaboration with the people who will use them
  • We get people involved in mutual aid and positive social networks
  • We use social prescribing to support the uptake of community assets
  • We encourage people to give something back
  • We employ “peer volunteers” throughout the care pathway
  • We gather quantitative and qualitative data that we can use
  • We use quality improvement methods to challenge ourselves to do better
  • We believe in sharing our results - both the good and the bad
  • We celebrate the things that go well, and learn from those that don’t