Every Contact is a Health Improvement Contact (ECHIC)

A training programme for all members of staff across South Tyneside Council and Voluntary Sector.

Every Contact is a Health Improvement Contact (ECHIC)

What is ECHIC?

The Every Contact is a Health Improvement Contact is a training program which teaches people how to have ‘healthy conversations’ with peers, family, and members of their community.

Why did we do it?

South Tyneside Council Public Health wanted to improve the morbidity rate in South Tyneside by decreasing the equalities gap that exists in the most deprived areas of the borough, through the promotion of healthy conversation change.

What did we do?

We worked with South Tyneside Council to design and deliver a bespoke training package. The training was delivered in community and council venues across the borough and supported a number of key health outcomes, including:

  • Health Myth busting
  • Key information about local health issues
  • Conversation Change Training
  • Supporting Self-Care by changing the conversation from ‘telling’ people what to do, to supporting people to find what might work for them by sharing examples of what worked for others.

We delivered this to:

  • Council Staff – both front-line and back office staff
  • Care Home staff
  • Housing staff
  • Children and Young People Service
  • Voluntary sector organisations
  • Voluntary community groups

What did we find?

The data captured over the 12 months showed:

Aggregated Learner feedback – Training to date - Number of people trained 415 (to date)

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